The three little Pigs

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The three little Pigs


The cutthroat evil wolf is wandering in the forest bringing chaos and destruction on his way. The small houses of the little Pigs are ruined. What next? Where will they live? What should they do? Not to worry about their house in future they decide to insure it. And that is the right decision. What happened to the wolf? Watch and learn.
Client: Belarusian Republican Unitary Insurance Company “Belgosstrakh”
Technology: 2D Animation
Production: Plumus Studio
Screenwriters: Vasiliy Volkov, Nikolay Dubrova
Director: Vasiliy Volkov
Artists: Vasiliy Volkov, Vyacheslav Ryzhanovich
Animation аrtists: Sergey Germanenko, Olga Ptichkina
Composer: Alexander Koryakov